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Hello and Welcome to

Goose  Quill  Calligraphy!

My name is Johnna L. Donnelly and I have been a Professional Calligrapher and Folk Artist for over 25 years.  Jim and I live in a quaint, turn-of-the-century, farm house in a lovely, little Southern New Jersey town called Leesburg, along the Maurice River.  Our sweetheart of a kitty, Shadow, is our constant companion, as well as my self-appointed calligraphy assistant.  Shadow loves to make himself comfortable and keep me company, while I draw, letter and paint on the harvest table in my little studio.

 My inspiration for calligraphy, primitive art and antiques comes from my Irish Daddy, John, from whom I was named, and my Mother, Doris, where my love of Early American Primitives flourished.  I am a self taught calligrapher and artist and am so grateful and honored to have developed my love of folk art and decorative painting with Inez Morris, of The Primitive Pineapple, who, along with being my friend, is a lovely, talented and accomplished decorative artist in her own respect.  I am so blessed to have supportive and encouraging people in my life, such as my sweet Sister, Carol, Maurie Treen and my Dear, long time Friend, Shirley Maychak.  Thank You, Dear Friends!  Last, but certainly not least, My Darling James Patrick...I thank you for all of your love, support and encouragement! 
 My calligraphy pieces pay homage to the grace, power and steadfastness of the written word.  Through creating my hand lettered and painted pieces, each one becomes an instant heirloom to cherish for generations.  From beautifully Addressed and Painted Wedding Invitations to creating a lovely remembrance in the form of a House Blessing or Marriage & Birth Certificate, my calligraphy can help you celebrate and mark the milestones of life or affirm your faith with a simple verse to live by.
 EACH OF MY PIECES ARE INDIVIDUALLY HAND LETTERED & HAND PAINTED with each signed and dated by me personally.  No two calligraphy or folk art pieces will ever be exactly the same.  All of my framed pieces and folk art come with a GOOSE QUILL CALLIGRAPHY ROMANCE CARD showing the description of the piece, date of creation & my signature verifying authenticity.

 I am absolutely thrilled and Thankful To God, to be able to create From My Hand To Your Heart and offer these pieces to you. 

"Verba Volant, Scripta Manent"..."Spoken Words Fly Away, Written Words Remain".

 Many Blessings, To You and Yours!



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